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Rosie O’Donnell’s Heart Attack – What You Need to Know

on August 28, 2012

The Number one cause of death in American is heart disease. Coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and heart failure are responsible for shortening many lives, especially in women. Heart attacks are the most common type of heart disease in the US and it can be linked to obesity, diabetes and post menopause


When people think of heart attacks they tend to think about the dramatic ones that happen in the movies, however many women can have a heart attack without even experiencing some of the most common symptoms such as chest pressure or chest pain. Instead they may experience understated symptoms like fatigue, dizziness, light headedness, shortness of breath, pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen; even upper back pressure are some less noticeable symptoms linked to heart attacks.


Heart attacks have been recognized as the leading cause of death in women that is also referred to as the widow maker because over 400,000 women die form heart disease every year. Only about half of women who have heat attacks die suddenly. Rosie heart attack snuck up on her with very little warning. If she would have been more proactive about the symptoms of heart disease she may have been better prepared for this attack.


Fortunately when Rosie did experience some of the symptoms a few days prior such as nausea, sweating, and shortness of breath; Rosie said her body felt bruised so she did some research on the internet about the symptoms she was experiencing, and then later saw an aspirin commercial on TV. She took that same aspirin before finally going to the hospital which most likely saved her life. Doctors said that Rosie’s coronary arteries were almost completely blocked and if she would have waited any longer it could have been too late. Rosie’s heart attack scare has served women a wake up call and she has been encouraging woman to know the symptoms of a heart attack and urges them to listen to the inner voice that often gets ignored. Some of the symptoms have been commonly confused with indigestions so it is important for women to a get second opinions when they experience fatigue, and upper abdomen pressures or pain.


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