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De-Stress – Maintaining a Healthy Heart during the Holidays

on December 13, 2011

With the holidays in full swing, there’s no doubt that your diet has taken a back seat to all of the ‘sweet’ festivities. From the treats that co-workers bring in, to the workouts missed for Christmas shopping, to the around the clock holiday parties and added stress that are just part of the tradition, your heart takes a big hit this time of year.


However, consider a few tips that not only help you resist the temptation, but also help you incorporate other heart healthy activities, such as getting in daily exercise, taking daily doses of l-arginine to facilitate better cardiovascular health and reducing stress when possible.


·         Exercise: Even though you might not be able to make it to the gym, you can get in some heart healthy exercise during the holidays in different ways. Walk a little faster when you are taking your initial spin around the mall for holiday shopping; you can always come back by a particular store later. Or, convince others in your office to step outside for an afternoon break and a quick spin around the block to work off those cookie calories.

·         L-Arginine Supplements: Depending on your needs, a supplement like fish oil capsules or l-arginine can contribute to a healthier heart.  Try an l-arginine supplement at the beginning of the day to reinforce your heart.

·         De-Stress: Stress is a huge heartbreaker – literally. If you are focused on heart health this holiday season, then make time to relax. Read a book or watch a family movie and just “be” so that you can unwind from all of the holiday excitement. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times, Holiday Heart Syndrome is not a myth. And, unfortunately, it does affect many families during the holiday season. Don’t let it affect you.


The more that you can follow these three easy alternatives to a healthy holiday, the happier you will be and the safer your heart will be. And, as always, don’t forget to check out Cardio Juvenate Plus for an added boost of heart health.


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