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How Arginine Can Save Your Holidays

on December 6, 2011

The holidays were made for over-indulgence, but indulgences might be killing you, literally. The winter holiday season is the period of time when heart attacks and heart disease are at their deadliest, but with a little help from arginine supplements you can avoid holiday heart disease. Some causes for this, according to multiple research reports, include the increased richness and volume of meals, the increased alcohol consumption at the holidays, and — last but not least — the added stress the holiday months provide.


Christmas and New Year’s

Heart attacks hit their peak rates on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and heart disease deaths are at their highest during the December and January months. But this isn’t merely the product of cold weather — although low temperatures are known to be hard on the heart and can contribute to heart troubles and heart-related deaths, they don’t explain why heart problems pose their greatest risk at the holidays.


Heart Supplements

Heart supplements, arginine in particular, can be used to control a variety of conditions that may affect heart health. Medications for sodium, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease are all used to control existing conditions and protect the heart from serious health consequences. But many times during the holidays these medications and supplements are ignored and/or not taken inconsistently, which can worsen the condition of your heart and increase the risk of a medical emergency.


Unfortunately, it’s for these reasons, and the fact that over-drinking, over-eating, and increased stress are all common aspects of the holidays, that December and January are the dealiest months for heart disease. In order to avoid a Christmas visit to the emergency room, stick to your heart healthy schedule, maintain a good diet, drink in moderation, get in your exercise, and try to reduce your stress.


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