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New Heart Disease Study: Obesity Paradox

on November 16, 2011

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association takes an interesting  look at the ‘obesity paradox,’ cardiovascular diseases, and risk for death.

According to the study, among a large group of people admitted to the hospital for their first heart attack, those who had traditional risk factors were less likely to die of the heart attack than those who arrived at the hospital without any of them.

Tradition risk factors for heart disease include high blood pressure, bad blood lipids, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and drinking, poor diet, and high stress, poor exercise routine and family history of cardiovascular diseases. The irony within these risk factors is that many of them can be completely prevented with exercise, proper diet, and some help from arginine supplements such as Cardio Juvenate.


Researchers found that out of 500,000 patients, those with high risk factors for heart disease were less likely to die from their first heart attack than those who did not show risk factors. However, the reasons behind this discrepancy are unknown.

The Obesity Paradox

According the MedScape, the ‘obesity paradox’ is where individuals who are obese, who inherently have a higher risk for many cardiovascular diseases, actually live longer with these diseases then their ‘normal-weight counterparts.’ For example, someone who is overweight and living with congestive heart failure will statistically live longer than a ‘skinny’ individual with the same disease. This could be one of the reasons why those with high risk factors for heart disease also have a higher rate of survival during their first heart attack hospital visit.

What’s the moral of this story? Whether you fall into the well recognized, well documented risk categories for heart disease, or you fall into the ‘obesity paradox’ category, talk to us about a heart healthy supplement with arginine that can make a great addition to your diet and lifestyle.


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