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Suffering from Brain Fog? Trouble with Mental Clarity?

on October 10, 2011

The term “brain fog” is often used to describe that feeling that you know you should be:

• doing something • thinking about something • remembering something

And, you just can’t pull those gray cells together enough to make sense of what you’re trying to do!

Many factors are recognized by the medical and psychological realms to contribute to this real life affliction that many of us suffer from. They’re not to be taken lightly and you should always check with your M.D. to rule out anything more serious like a stroke, tumor or Alzheimer’s.

But, if it really is a matter of mental clarity some of the factors that can contribute to this all too common reality for so many of us are:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Fatigue
Nutrient Deficiencies

There are several things that you can do today to make a difference in this condition. They include:

• Stay active with friends and family
• Find clubs and a support system near your home or work
• Sing in the shower, the car or get out and find a Karaoke night to sing with new       friends
• Play games, solve puzzles, read

And because we no longer have quality soil even here in the U.S. that can provide our food source with enough nutrients, we must take supplements and find other ways to get those necessary pieces missing from our diets in today’s world – one of the biggest ones is Nitric Oxide (NO).

But with all the benefits from taking this supplement on a daily basis you can reap all the rewards of your current exercise and health plan.Here’s to a clearer headed you! – Start today to make a difference today!

One response to “Suffering from Brain Fog? Trouble with Mental Clarity?

  1. Interesting! We need to feed the brain with healthy supplements to support provision of essential nutrients –

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