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You’ve Been Diagnosed With Atherosclerosis! What Now?

on September 14, 2011

Arteries are blood vessels that function as a carrying system for blood from the heart to the rest of the body.  These blood vessels are lined by a thin layer of cells called endothelium.  These cells work to keep the arteries in good working order so your blood flows the way it is supposed to.

Atherosclerosis starts with a myriad of damaging activities that we do to ourselves as well as outside forces.  Typical causes for this condition are high blood pressure, smoking or high cholesterol. Plaque forms on these cells and arteries and when this happens it causes bumps that can create a blockage.

Creation of blockage

This condition can happen throughout the body and if it is near or in the heart, you’re at a much higher risk for a stroke.  Atherosclerosis usually doesn’t come to light until middle or older age.  Once the blockages become severe enough, they close off the flow of blood and at that time, cause a noticeable pain.

Plaque can act in several different ways:

  • Stay inside artery walls and cause no problem
  • Grow slowly until they cause pain on exertion (typically in chest or legs)
  • Ruptures and clots – in the brain this causes a stroke – in the heart it causes a heart attack

Learn More!

As we age, it’s a fact that we all need an increase of L-arginine in the arteries – it converts to Nitric Oxide (NO) and this allows muscles to relax and improves circulation naturally. The benefits are very important when it’s added in the compound with L-citrulline, Vitamin D3, and red wine extract.


One response to “You’ve Been Diagnosed With Atherosclerosis! What Now?

  1. Glenda Pitts says:

    I find it amazing that so many triggers inside your body can be working against you without you even being aware until there is a major problem…Looks like pro-active really does prove beneficial!

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