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First Sign of High Blood Pressure: NONE

on August 16, 2011

We have all known someone who was here today and poof – gone…heart attack and THAT is when they find out they have high blood pressure.

The first sign of high blood pressure:    

Angiogram of Healthy Heart

  • None

That’s right.  There are no warning signs that will drive you to your doctor’s office. Only through routine monitoring of your blood pressure to determine your norm allows the doctor to be warned that your health may be at risk.

What are some of the causes and risk factors of high blood pressure?

  • Age – This is largely due to arteriosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries.”
  • Race – Studies indicate that African Americans are more prone to high blood pressure than Caucasians – It is not known why, however African Americans also experience it at a younger age and with more serious health conditions.

Race of Ethnic Group

% of Deaths

African Americans


American Indians or Alaska Natives


Asians or Pacific Islanders








  • Family HistoryHigh blood pressure does tend to run in families – Hereditary factor.
  • Gender – More men experience high blood pressure than females.
  • Obesity – Obesity is one of the leading causes off high blood pressure and death resulting from the obesity.
  • Lack of Exercise – This factor contributes to obesity.
  • Stress – Consistent stressors without relaxation and plain-old fun deprive people of many years of life.

Careful monitoring of your blood pressure, staying active and taking time out to play are just three of the ways to help keep your blood pressure level.
is an extra way to make sure your heart health is at its peak.

is an extra way to make sure your heart health is at its peak.

Here’s a link to an online report that shares much more about this subject that kills hundreds of thousands in the United States alone. It explains more fully some of the factors of heart health and disease, along with the benefits of Nitric Oxide.

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2 responses to “First Sign of High Blood Pressure: NONE

  1. Great post, packed with useful information. Thanks!

  2. Warner Lewis says:

    This is great information everyone should be aware of – well done!

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