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Peripheral Neuropathy and L-arginine – An Answer to the Pain

on August 9, 2011

The Mayo Clinic indicates Peripheral Neuropathy has many possible causes. But the reaction of those who agonize from this debilitating condition is very specific.  It brings about pain and tingling in the hands, feet and legs and doesn’t stop progressing up the affected limbs.  One of its many causes is attributed to diabetes; but there are those who suffer from it due to an unspecified injury, infection or even from problems with their metabolism.  Most who suffer from this condition don’t have any idea why it first started; but they definitely know the day it started to affect their lives.

Peripheral Neuropathy gradually consumes your focus and eventually the doctors end up prescribing painful tests of the musculature of the limbs and then advocate for medications to calm the nerve endings that tear you out of your sleep with cramps and pain and leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the night; knowing that once again your peace and calm have been wracked by an unseen monster in your peripheral limbs.

But…there is an answer – L-arginine has been shown in many case studies to provide a way to escalate the circulation to the peripheral limbs that in turn, resolves the issue of circulation and blood flow through the creation of Nitric Oxide.  This causes the muscles to relax, restoring elasticity to arteries that have become rigid from age and plaque buildup. In turn, it increases the artery’s ability to move blood and the nutrients that it carries much more efficiently than before. This most basic improvement to the circulatory system alone allows the blood to deliver far more of the daily nutrients that our bodies need, far more efficiently and easily.


One response to “Peripheral Neuropathy and L-arginine – An Answer to the Pain

  1. As one who suffers from this numbing, painful condition, I’m looking forward to learning more about your product! Is it true I can get it online? – I’ll have to go to your website to learn more!

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